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General Questions

What changes can be made to the framework I choose?

The following revisions are permitted:

  • Colors
  • Media (Images, videos, icons)
  • Text
  • Contact form fields and settings
  • Reorganization or duplication of existing sections
Can you turn the framework I choose into an e-commerce site?

Yes! We can turn any WordPress site into an e-commerce site.

Can you build sites on Shopify, Square, or Duda?

No. We build on the WordPress CMS only.

Can you turn the framework I choose into a real estate website (IDX)?

Yes, please reach out to your sales person for IDX integration options.

Are sites you build HIPAA compliant?

No, currently our websites are not HIPAA compliant. However, we can integrate HIPAA compliant features and services provided by you on your website.

Choosing A Framework

How do I choose a framework?

Our frameworks are organized by categories: Products & Services, Creative Businesses, Community & Non-profits, Multipurpose, and Design Style (All Frameworks). Get started by choosing the category you would like to filter by.

Once a category has been selected you can filter your options further with the filter dropdown. When you find a framework that you like you can either view the framework to look at all the pages or get the framework link to add to the order form. If the order form has already been submitted you can send the framework link to your assigned developer.

I don't know what framework to choose, can you help me?

When choosing a framework you do not need to limit yourself by the category the framework is under. The most important aspect to consider is the layout you’re looking for. Once you have decided what framework has the layout you like, we can change the following to fit with your personal/business brand.

  • Colors
  • Media (Images, videos, icons)
  • Text
  • Contact form fields and settings
  • Reorganization or duplication of existing sections

If you have found a website outside our frameworks you like, our developers can help you choose a framework that fits your needs.

What happens if a framework is not chosen in the order form?

You’ll receive a branded landing page designed with your business and industry in mind, based on our developer’s discretion. It will be delivered to you within 5 business days.

Once you provide your desired template, we will build out your Publication Mock.

Please note: Expediting the delivery date may result in additional charges. As well, changing the template after the Publication Mock has been sent may result in additional charges.

What are your most popular frameworks?

Custom Work

Can you make a custom website for me?

We provide framework website builds through WordPress and are therefore limited in the customizations we can make. We can customize the fonts, colors, media content, website copy, contact form fields, and any section in your chosen framework.

Please note that we do not build websites from scratch, as framework websites allow us to fulfill our promise of website delivery within the allotted business days.

We can make customizations, but these customizations are dependent on the availability of WordPress plugins or integrated software. Customizations may be subjected to hourly charges.

What if I want more customizations to be made on the framework I chose?

No problem! We can provide customization to any website our team has built. Please reach out to your web developer for assistance regarding integration, searching for functionality, or design assistance. 

Can we use special themes from Themeforest or Envato marketplace, etc instead?

Yes, however, these are custom website builds and may be subject to additional integration costs. Please note, these custom themes are limited to the layout, structure, and features the theme provides.

Do I have to choose from the frameworks? If I have examples of sites that are more inline with my needs could we use them as a jumping off point?

No, we can start any website build from a wireframe, PDF, or an example website. However, this request may be subject to additional cost to customize the design layout and structure.